Community Benefits Agreement: Mobilization-Call Detroit City Council!

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Members of the CBA Ordinance coalition of which Peoples Platform is a member have reviewed the September 17th revised ordinance and find that it does not represent the best interest of Detroiters.  The CBA coalition has notified city council of our concerns.

We need Detroiters to call each of the council members including their District Council person and voice concerns.  Below are suggested points to include:

  • Nearly 2000 Detroiters have signed the petition calling for a strong and enforceable Community Benefit Agreement ordinance and the number of signatures is growing.
  • Detroiters deserve the type of economic development where all Detroiters benefit not just a few wealthy individuals and big corporations.
  • When our tax dollars and public lands are used to benefit private investments, Detroiters deserve a strong and enforceable Community Benefit Agreement ordinance on the books to protect our interest.

The September 17th draft CBA ordinance is not strong enough and does not represent the best interest of Detroiters.
We call on each city council member to support a strong and enforceable community benefit agreement ordinance!
Council Member Name and phone by district:
At large:  Brenda Jones Council President  313.224.1245
At Large: Saunteel Jenkins  313.224.4248
District 1 James Tate  313.224.1027
District 2 George Cushingberry  313.224.4535
District 3 Scott Benson  313.224.1198
District 4 Andre Spivey  313.224.4841
District 5 Mary Sheffield  313.224.4505
District 6 Raquel Castaneda -Lopez  313.224.2450
District 7 Gabe Leland  313.224.2151
Let them know that we are holding them accountable for how our public resources are being used

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