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Community Mapping Workshop: Let’s get on the map!

Community Mapping Workshop: Let’s get on the map!
The Block at Cass Park” 2727 Second Ave., Detroit, MI 48201
Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

maps shape the world. if we build the maps, we make the world.

please join the community land trust working group and the People’s Platform as we host a presentation of goal-oriented community mapping and organizing tools from NYC, Philadelphia, New Orleans and Los Angeles with Paula Z. Segal of 596 Acres (Brooklyn), followed by a collaborative exploration of existing technologies for and representations of Detroit.

Paula Segal is the founding director of 596 Acres, New York City’s community land access advocacy project and worldwide consultancy bringing understanding of municipal data to organizers in cities worldwide. an attorney, she received her law degree from City University of New York Law School, an institution founded on the principle of making the law accessible to regular people, where she was a Haywood Burns Fellow in Human and Civil Rights. Paula is first an educator. before law school, she taught English to Speakers of Other Languages at CUNY and trained other teachers in creating decentralized and participatory classroom environments. she became an attorney to directly tackle disparity between people and institutions when it comes to the most basic question of access – access to land.

please contact shanebernardo@gmail.com to RSVP or for more info & follow People’s Platform on Facebook & Twitter/ 596Acres on Facebook & Twitter.
the hashtag for this event is #GetOnTheMap.