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Update: “Transformational” Brownfields Plan Bills die in committee

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Lansing Watch

We have received confirmation that the so-called Transformational Brownfields Plan bills died in committee this week. Thank you to members and supporters for sharing details about these bills with your friends, family and community and for making calls to Lansing!

We will be watching Lansing in the new year and anticipate that the bills will be reintroduced. Please stay in touch with Detroit People’s Platform for continued updates. The Detroit Peoples Platform App is also available in the app store and google play.

“This legislation would allow a business that creates jobs to keep the taxes it withholds from employees’ paychecks. The taxes employees pay to fund government services like roads, schools, public safety and social services would be diverted directly into their employer’s pocket.” Read More

“The House Local Government Committee won’t vote this year on legislation backed by Business Leaders for Michigan and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation that would allow selected businesses to keep income tax withholdings on incomes paid to newly hired employees, Rep. Lee Chatfield, the committee chair, said today.”~

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