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Voter Suppression bills passed House, now headed to the Senate.

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Voter Suppression bills passed the House and are now headed to the Senate.

One way to disenfranchise people is to make it hard for them to vote.
Laws that require a photo ID to vote on Election Day do just that.

“Currently voters who are registered but do not have a voter ID can fill out an affidavit attesting to their identity and then vote — a provision 18,388 voters used during the 2016 presidential election, according to the Secretary of State. House Bills 6066, 6067 and 6068, introduced Tuesday, would change that.”

“Under the bills a voter without ID would fill out a provisional ballot. That ballot would only be counted if the voter returned to their clerk’s office within 10 days to show either a photo ID or present evidence they are either indigent and can’t afford an ID or have a religious objection to having their photo taken.” Read More


Elections and Government Reform Committee
David Robertson (R) (517) 373-1636,, Committee Chair, 14th District
Patrick Colbeck (R), (517) 373-7350,, Vice Chair, 7th District
Judy K Emmons (R), (517) 373-3760,,  33rd District
Mike Shirkey (R), (517) 373-5932,, 16th District
Morris W Hood III (D), (517) 373-0990,, Minority Vice Chair, 3rd District

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