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We Are Renters! Outreach Gathering #RentersWeekofAction

We Are Renters! Outreach Gathering #RentersWeekofAction

Detroit People’s Platform has joined the national campaign, Rise Up for Renter Power, to call all renters to action for the second year. Nationally there are 38 cities and 23 states that work toward achieving renter’s rights.

In Detroit, 49% of individuals are renters and majority of them pay more than half of their income to rent. Eviction barriers, humiliating court procedures, increasing rental costs and displacement, aggressive development practices and our public money are reasons why renters must join this fight against the violence harming our people. Entire communities and cultures are being erased one section at a time and our current policies don’t protect or provide solutions.

We are requesting your help as we Rise Up for Renter Power and recruitment event outside the 36st district court Wednesday morning.

As renters, we can work to stop unjust evictions, build a community land trust, or organize a tenant union. These can serve as solutions that meet the needs of Detroit renters.

Join us Tomorrow, September 20th from 9 AM – 11 AM at the 36th District Court.

This is a call to those who want to see Detroit renters get a fair chance to gather on Grand Circus Park, near 36th district court. We will walk 4 minutes to the public space in front of 36st district court.