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Issue Update – Housing – Rental Registration Ordinance

Issue Update – Housing – Rental Registration Ordinance

Issue Update – Housing, Rental Registration Ordinance

October 9th, 2017
“The City of Detroit has announced a tougher proposed rental ordinance as part of a sweeping citywide effort to demand that the owners of rental properties register them, get them into compliance and keep them that way.”
– City of Detroit press release.

What does this mean for Detroit renters?

  • The Rental Registration Ordinance as proposed potentially creates conflict between tenants and landlords while protecting neither.
  • The Rental Registration Ordinance mandates renters continue to pay rent into an escrow account without providing clarity around the liability of living in non-compliant buildings.
  • All landlords need to be held accountable, but the Rental Registration Ordinance has the potential to scapegoat landlords that have provided housing to low income Detroiters for decades.

Please read the proposed ordinance and share with friends family and neighbors. This is the most recent version as of today

We will continue to monitor the progress of this legislation and provide updates.

Detroiters deserve a comprehensive housing plan that provides safe and affordable housing for all!