Call to Action: Gilbert’s New Downtown Development Project Approval

Call to Action: Gilbert’s New Downtown Development Project Approval
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November 17, 2017
Detroit People’s Platform
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Gilbert’s New Downtown Development Project Approval – Action: Video Public Comments to Council

Artist Rendering of the Hudson’s site. Source: Metrotimes

On Monday, November 20, 2017 the Planning and Economic Development Committee will meet and decide whether or not to pass Dan Gilbert’s latest downtown development projects onto the full council for a vote.

The Projects: a skyscraper on the former Hudson’s site; the Monroe Block; the Book Tower and Building; and an expansion of the Campus Martius building.

The Failure of the Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC) Process

Both the Hudson’s site and the Monroe Block projects have been part of the Community Benefits process laid out by the Community Benefits Ordinance formally known as Proposal B. This process creates a Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC) that meet with developers. Multiple NAC members have expressed that at the end of the CBO process under Prop B, they feel the community benefits that are presented have already been decided upon before the NAC was ever created.

What they are building isn’t for everyday Detroiters to live, work or play in. Why are they using and diverting OUR tax dollars for these projects?

Dan Gilbert has an estimated net worth of $5.6 billion.

Earlier this year state legislators passed, and the governor signed into law what they called the Transformational Brownfield Law. This law makes it possible for Dan Gilbert and other developers across the state access to up to $1 billion in tax incentives. Now, in order for Gilbert to ask for the first $250 million from the State, Detroit City Council must first approve the project.

Next Tuesday will be the last regular City Council meeting before they break for the year. We assume that Gilbert wants to get this project approved before the break so that he can shift his focus to getting approval in Lansing.

Call to Action:

While we encourage people to attend City Council and Mayoral meetings, Detroit People’s Platform has decided to stop asking members and supporters to take on the many risk and costs involved in going Downtown these days. Due to this, this is a ‘virtual’ call.

We are requesting support in getting 100 messages to Council by next Tuesday morning.

In addition to calling and emailing, if possible, we are asking members and supporters to use their phone or another device to record a public comment. In your video please ask other Detroiters to make their own video to share with council and other Detroiters.

Please post your public comment videos to your social media pages, tag Detroit People’s Platform @detroitpeoples, send them to Planning and Economic Development members Benson, Sheffield and Leland, your District Council Member and both ‘At Large’ Council Members. Contact Info below.

News/Media – Learn More:

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Detroit City Council Contact Info – 2017

Who is your city councilperson? Check the map to find your district.

At Large – Council President Brenda Jones
(313) 224-1245

At Large – Janee Ayers
(313) 224-4248

District 2 – Council President Pro Tempore George Cushingberry Jr.
(313) 224-4535

District 1 – James Tate
(313) 224-1027

District 3 – Scott Benson
(313) 224-1198

District 4 – André L. Spivey
(313) 224-4841

District 5 – Mary Sheffield
(313) 224-4505

District 6 – Raquel Castaneda-Lopez
(313) 224-2450

District 7 – Gabe Leland
(313) 224-2151

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