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Editorial The City Charter – Don’t lose it before we use it

Editorial The City Charter – Don’t lose it before we use it

THE CITY CHARTER will be a hot topic in the next few weeks and if Proposal R passes in the Primary, Detroiters will be hearing about the revision process for 3 years. For many it feels like we just voted on a revision. 

While some were and are critical of the Council by District system the last revision supported, the revision also included community powers and protections that many consider beneficial. One of the issues here is that Detroiters are just getting to know their City Charter. 

The implementation of and adherence to the City Charter were interrupted by Emergency Management and Bankruptcy. Due to this, certain aspects of the Charter are just now coming online, one example being the Police Commission that was voted on last year.

With the current political climate in Detroit and Lansing there are many risks to opening the Charter now. There is also a process for changing specific aspects of the Charter through  amendment. This process can be taken up without opening the entire Charter.   

We recommend a No vote on Proposal R. Rather than support the revision we are calling on the Mayor, City Council, Clerk and all who work within the framework created by the Charter to more fully implement, empower and abide by it. Click To Tweet

Whether Proposal R passes or not, whether the Charter Revision Candidates are on the ballot in November or not, Detroiters have an opportunity to learn what powers and protections the current Charter provides and how they can be used by and for betterment of our community.