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Transit Win! Keep Woodward on Woodward

Transit Win! Keep Woodward on Woodward

The Detroit People’s Platform – Transit Justice Team is very pleased to announce a major victory for DDOT bus riders who use the Woodward #53 bus!

In 2017, we formed the “Keep Woodward on Woodward” campaign to restore the DDOT Woodward #53 bus along Woodward through downtown Detroit. This was in response to a detour that placed DDOT bus riders away from Woodward Ave, as a result of QLine construction. The detour was supposed to be temporary but there were no immediate plans to restore Woodward bus access through downtown Detroit.

In support of the original online petition to restore Woodward bus service through downtown Detroit, the transit justice team mobilized an advisory petition campaign, “Keep Woodward on Woodward” and collected over 570 petition signatures and delivered them to the Director of DDOT.

Link to the online petition: https://www.change.org/p/give-us-back-our-street-detroiters-need-the-woodward-bus-on-woodward-not-blocks-away-on-cass-how-far-are-eastsiders-expected-to-walk-to-get-downtown

We are very pleased to announce that we were successful in our campaign and we are very grateful to the bus riders and petition signers who’ve supported our campaign to Keep Woodard on Woodward. Starting September 1st, the Woodward #53 bus will travel directly on Woodward all the way through downtown Detroit. Please see the attached map for more details.