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Ford Let’s raise the stakes

Ford Let’s raise the stakes

“If it’s hard to understand how a multinational corporation can soak a struggling school district for tax breaks, it’s even harder to understand how government officials can justify foregoing tax revenue now in exchange for convoluted estimates of future employment: New jobs, construction jobs, indirect jobs.” Nancy Kaffer, Detroit Free Press 9/12/2018 

Ford Motor Co. has a net worth of nearly $17 billion. They want $239 million in tax breaks for their $740 million project in Corktown. They want to “fast track” an abatement of $104 million in city taxes over 35 years to catch another $18.7 million in tax breaks from the state by the end of October. For this kind of money and from this kind of corporation we want a REAL CBA.

Ford Motor Co. is going through the process outlined by the Community Benefit Ordinance, including a series of engagement activities with residents who live in the impacted area of Southwest Detroit. But Ford Motor Co. representatives also read the City Council’s Legislative Policy Division report on the so-called Community Benefit Ordinance. Ford Motor Co. know there is no mandate for a real CBA. 

Detroiters also know there is no way the city isn’t going to grant Ford Motor Co. the requested tax abatements of $104 million in city taxes over 35 years. That is money that could go for public services like fixing the pipes in our schools, enhanced senior and youth services, increased funding for libraries, parks, street repair and adequate snow removal, lawn mowing, etc. 

Ford Motor Co. promotes their reputation as a socially responsible corporation. They claim they want to be a good corporate neighbor. Let’s raise the stakes. Ford Motor Co. can willfully enter into a REAL Community Benefit Agreement, one that will confirm their desire to be a good neighbor. For this kind of money and from this kind of corporation we want a REAL CBA in which Ford honors the community’s priority recommendations that will be presented by the Neighborhood Advisory Council. We’ll be watching.


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