Detroit People’s Platform Launch “Homes for All” Campaign

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Detroit People’s Platform
Launch “Homes for All” Campaign

September 17, 2018
Contact: Amina Kirk

Detroit  is enjoying national attention for its revitalization efforts, but not everyone is benefiting equally. The revitalization of the housing market includes building and renovating mostly luxury housing that the average long-time Detroiter can’t afford to live in. 

On average, Detroiters pay 60% of their monthly income for housing, double the recommended 30%  and one of the highest in the nation.1

As more and more high rent units are being developed,  affordable housing is disappearing in Detroit and many of our families are experiencing high rates of eviction.2   

Today, Detroit People’s Platform will launch our Homes For All Campaign to address Detroit’s housing crisis.  And one of our first areas of focus will be the Affordable Housing Development & Preservation Fund, a Housing Trust Fund established as part of the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance in September of last year. 

Detroit People’s Platform, along with other housing advocates, created the Detroit Housing Trust Fund Coalition in 2015 to address the housing needs of low income Detroiters. The Task Force worked for over two years with then Council Member Mary Sheffield for the passage of this ordinance. 

This Housing Trust Fund will assist low income Detroiters with rental assistance, funds for home maintenance and repair for low income home owners, and assistance with relocation. The Housing Trust Fund is funded by the city of Detroit based on a small percent of annual city commercial real estate sales.  

The Detroit Housing Trust Fund Coalition was promised Detroiters would receive $2 Million Dollars to get the trust fund started, and assistance to secure additional funding. The Task Force is disappointed this $2 Million Dollars promised was removed from the budget. 

The Detroit Housing Trust Fund Coalition supports Council President Pro Tempore’s initiative to secure funding for this incredible legislation. This tool has worked to protect affordable housing in cities all over the country. The residents of Detroit deserve the same amount of funding for our Housing Trust Fund that the city leaders of St. Louis, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Pittsburgh provided for their long-time residents.

In the coming months, Detroit People’s Platform and members of the Housing Trust Fund Coalition will organize with Detroiters to demand deeper funding for the housing trust fund in response to the critical housing needs for low income Detroiters. 

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