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City Charter Revision Commission Candidate Night

City Charter Revision Commission Candidate Night

In the August Primary Detroiters voted on whether or not to “open” and revise the City Charter. The City Charter can be likened to the U.S. or Michigan Constitution. Proposal R was successful by only a slight margin of 184 votes. Since it passed, Charter Revision Commission Candidates will be on the ballot in November. There will be 16 candidates on the ballot for this 9 seat commission. Learning as much a possible about these candidates before the election is important because they will shape the 3 year revision process. Vote Tuesday, Nov 6, 2018!

All Charter Revision Candidates were invited to attend.
We were joined by 7 candidates:
Chase Cantrell, Cindy Darrah (write-in),  Karissa Holmes,  Denzel  McCampbell,  Tracy Peters,  Nicole Small, and Joanna Underwood.

The Detroit People’s Platform does not endorse candidates.

Please note that the video was captured from the live stream of the event and is not production-quality. Drops in the signal are noted.
The video is intended for election education purposes only and is part of DPP public education work.