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Video: Jefferson Chalmers Development Without Displacement

Video: Jefferson Chalmers Development Without Displacement

On Tuesday, October 30 2018 residents of Detroit’s Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood organized a visit to City Hall, the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center.

During their visit, they made public comment and delivered petitions and survey results to Detroit City Council. Their District 4 Council Member Andre Spivey and Council President Brenda Jones recommended they visit the Mayor’s Office and Planning and Development.

They made sure that their demands were heard in both offices, talking with the Mayor’s Mobility Manager Gary Bullock and sitting down for a 30 minute meeting with Planning and Development’s Maurice Cox.

This week the Jefferson Chalmers Community Advocates released 3 of what will be a series of short videos documenting their visit. Please view and share these three examples of community power and look for the series to continue in the coming week.

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Jefferson Chalmers Community Advocates demand Development without Displacement