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People’s Platform Action Alert August 11, 2014

Detroit People’s Platform Action Alert
August 11, 2014
This action alert brings you…
  • The Mayor’s proposed response to the water shutoff crisis
  • An update on the Community Benefits Agreement
  • Community Land Trust update
  • New community radio station based in the North End
  • People’s Platform Voter Education/Engagement

Update: Water Shutoffs

On Thursday of last week, the Detroit Water Dept. shared the next phase of how to better manage the mass water shutoffs they have been executing for several months.  The following is excerpted from a statement form Michigan Welfare Rights.

The 10 point plan unveiled by the Mayor describes several components that represent a first step, but misses the mark relative to the genesis from which these cuts started.  Detroit is a City in crisis because the economic foundation has shifted so dramatically away from large scale manufacturing, an objective factor that continues to be ignored.  The difference between what was the profile of our beloved City and the profile today is stark. Surely, the Mayor and his staff are capable of researching and finding a way to make water accessible to every Detroit resident and to share that strategy with every suburban community that Detroit services.  To resort to mass shutoffs after we are all clear what the consequences are of such a draconian step, smacks of attempts to paint the problem in a way that privatizing of our public trust would be a credible option.

The Detroit People’s Platform will continue to closely monitor the situation and will bring you the latest updates.

Community Benefit Agreement Update

There was a meeting this past Thursday between EDC representatives, City law department and council members regarding the CBA ordinance. The purpose of the meeting was to allow the community to review and respond to the most recent CBA ordinance revisions by law department in consultation with other city staff and council members. For the record there was the following council representation:  Council member Lopez leading the meeting; Council President Brenda Jones policy staff; Council member Mary Sheffield policy staff; James Tate policy staff member; and Council member Leland staff member.
We are hearing that the Mayor and EDC are voicing opposition to the CBA ordinance.  We did in fact leave with the mayor a book including all the various signatures of Detroiters ( roughly 1300 ) who have signed the petition calling for the enactment of the CBA ordinance.  There may be a need for further action as we near the final hearing on the ordinance in September. We will let the mayor know what it is that community wants by way of fair and equitable development.  We will keep you informed.
On Aug 14th the business community representatives will meet with City Council and law to offer their input to the audience.  Then on Aug 21st both community and business community will meet to review the ordinance and hopefully arrive at some consensus. Barring major impediments, it is intended that the ordinance will go back to council planning and development committee in early September and if passed we hope for a public hearing sometime by late September and vote perhaps by October.
Thanks to EDC negotiating team for an outstanding first round of negotiations.  The team included:  John Philo, Rev Ross; Michelle Martinez; Gloria Rivera; Simone Sagovac; Mildred Hunt; Latoya Morgan; Myra Lee and Linda Campbell.
Other Platform Community Updates

People’s Platform Community Coalition- Aaron Handelsman Peoples Platform team leader for our Land Justice and Community Land Trust citywide coalition visited with the Durham North Carolina community land trust staff and members this week.  Durham CLT is featured in the Street of Dreams CLT video.

Community Radio Station in the North End– People’s Platform member North End Woodward Community Coalition (NEWCC), a transit justice group, will lead a delegation of residents from District 5 including North End residents will attend the national conference for community radio in Ames, Iowa.  NEWCC was recently awarded a limited power license to operate a low powered FM radio station based in the North End.  The call letters are WNUC 96.7.  The target for station start up in late Fall 2014.

Voter Education/Engagement Outreach-The People’s Platform will begin our Voter Education/Voter Engagement work in early September.  Please let us know if you would like to participate in our voter outreach effort by emailing Sheila Hawkins at

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Detroit People’s Platform Action Alert – WATER


Detroit People’s Platform Action Alert – WATER
In response to the crisis of mass water shutoffs in the city of Detroit, the People’s Platform took the following actions:

People’s Platform sent a letter to the Detroit City Health Officer demanding a moratorium on the water shutoffs and an assessment on how shutoffs are impacting the physical and mental health of Detroiters living without water.  There has been no response.

Secondly, People’s Platform filed a petition with the city clerk calling for City Council to convene a public hearing on the water shut offs.  City Council has not responded.

The People’s Platform is issuing the following call to action:
Members and supporters of the Detroit People’s Platform are encouraged to attend the City Council Health and Welfare Committee meeting on Tuesday, July 29th at 10 am at the Coleman A Young Municipal Center and support the work of the broad-based coalitions.

Prepare public comments for the meeting that call for accountability on the part of our elected and appointed officials for the health and welfare of Detroiters by demanding that council support the following:

    •    Call for immediate restoration of water to the thousands of Detroiters who are without water service
    •    Beyond the 15 day moratorium call for the end to water shut offs for all Detroit residents
    •    Call for the Public Health Officer to assess the impact of mass shut offs on the health and mental health status of those impacted by the shut offs
    •    Support the water affordability plan  
    •    Stop the privatization of Detroit Water and Sewage Department

Please plan to arrive early so that you can get on line and have your say. Let them know you are with the People’s Platform. We need as many Platform members and allies there as possible to stand with our coalition partners and fellow residents.

We hope to see you there!

For more information on the water crisis:
Detroit People’s Water Board Coalition