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New Video: I Dream Detroit: The Voice and Vision of Women of Color on Detroit’s Future

New Video: I Dream Detroit: The Voice and Vision of Women of Color on Detroit’s Future

Rev. Roslyn Bouier and Monica Lewis Patrick on Black American Journal

Women of color say they feel left out of Detroit’s resurgence. In a report titled “I Dream Detroit: The Voice and Vision of Women of Color on Detroit’s Future.” Nearly 500 Black, Latina, Arab, American Indian, and Asian women were surveyed and 71% felt left out of the city’s revival. Stephen talks to Ed Egnatios, Reverend Roslyn Bouier, and Monica Lewis Patrick about this report.














Detroit News: “Women of color absent in Detroit‘s recovery”

Michigan Chronicle: ” ‘I Dream Detroit‘ brings women of color into Detroit‘s economic dialogue”
I Dream Detroit website


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2017 EJAM Fellowship Application

2017 EJAM Fellowship Application


2017 EJAM Fellowship Application

This intensive training is designed for individuals who are interested in making an impact in their community through organizing around economic justice issues, including: raising wages and increasing benefits for workers. This fellowship provides the opportunity to gain valuable community organizing skills and experience working with social justice organizations in metro-Detroit. This on-the-ground experience not only helps you make change within your community, but also, can help you gain meaningful and higher-paying employment in the future. Application Deadline: Nov 25, 2016

2017 Fellowship Application

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Detroit People’s Food Co-op Community Engagement Meeting


Part of our Food Justice series!

Detroit People’s Food Co-op Community Engagement Meeting
Thursday January 28, 2016
People’s Platform
7700 Second Ave
Detroit, MI

Detroit People’s Platform Members and supporters please join us to learn more about the plans for the Detroit People’s Food Co-op and how you can become a member/owner.

In keeping with the principle of Ujamaa (cooperative economics) and the definition of a co-op provided by the International Co-operative Alliance, the Detroit People’s Food Co-op will be a community institution that has the following general goals:

To provide access to high-quality, healthy food options for Detroiters, particularly for African-Americans most impacted by
poor access.

To model community-ownership and generate and circulate wealth in Detroit’s African-American community.

To model community-based food sovereignty and food justice strategies.

To serve as an incubator for start-up community-based food businesses.

To provide jobs for members of our community.

To serve as a community education center for information on health, well-being, justice and resilience.

The member/owner fee is $200. It can be paid in one lump sum, or in six installments ($30 for the first and last month and four $35 payments). We have limited Empowered Assistant Scholarships made available for those who live in the North End neighborhood. You can begin your membership at the community engagement meeting or do so in person at the DBCFSN office. Become an owner today!

For more information and updates on other community engagement meetings, please contact us at:

Detroit Black Community Food Security Network
3800 Puritan
Detroit, MI 48238
Phone: (313) 345-3663