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The State of Transit in Detroit, Celebration and Report Out, Friday, Nov 13th

The State of Transit in Detroit

Celebration and Report Out

Our Transit Team gathered 404 surveys in June and August.
Join us as we celebrate and share ‘The State of Transit in Detroit’ report.


Friday, November 13th
5:30 – 8pm
7700 2nd Avenue at Pallister
in the first floor cafeteria

The Detroit People’s Platform have been working on transit justice issues for 5 years with our partner, the North End Woodward Community Coalition.

– Our work was focused primarily on DDOT (Detroit Dept. of Transportation).

– 2012 service cuts and the re-envisioning of the M1-project from a commuter rail line, scaled down to a 3.3-mile streetcar that only serves the downtown and midtown areas, while leaving out neighborhoods like the North End without adequate transit options.

– We recognize that Detroiters face transit injustice, especially with the 2012 service cuts that eliminated 24-hour service, cut late night bus service, routes, layoff of drivers, and transfer of 40 DDOT coaches to SMART, causing delays from 1-3hours on routes that were previously reliable.

– Two transit systems now exist in Detroit: If you live south of the ‘Boulevard, the options for transit are plenty: SMART and eventually the M1-streetcar, and the soon to be proposed Bus Rapid Transit line for Woodward, in addition to private shuttle services provided by downtown employers.

– However, the rest of Detroiters, especially north of the ‘Boulevard face an inadequate bus system, waiting hours just to traverse within the city. While new systems are being developed to shuttle people in and out the city at a faster place than a working individual trying to maintain a job in the city, having to spend more of their time waiting, in other words — no one should have to give themselves 3 hours just to make it to their job on time.

Join us Friday, November 13th to learn more about the State of Transit in Detroit.

We believe that each and every Detroiter has a voice in deciding the future of the city. Join us, visit or call 313.338.9396

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Transit Justice Meeting – Tuesday, August 18th

TRANSITThis coming Tuesday, August 18th we will be hosting another transit meeting to further conversations. During this meeting we’ll nail down our top priorities and visions for improving transit in Southeast Michigan.

Your input is greatly needed and appreciated! It will be included in a report on transit to ensure the new regional transit plan for SE Michigan reflects your needs.

Meeting details:
Tuesday, August 18th, from 6:30 – 8 pm
7700 Second Ave, Detroit
Dinner will be provided

PS. Please reach out if transit is an concern for you as we might be able arrange a carpool to the meeting. You can reach out to 313.338.9396 or email

If you can’t attend the meeting, we have an online survey we are using to collect feedback from transit riders. We’d greatly appreciate your feedback and intend to share the results with Dan Dirks (the head of DDOT) and the Regional Transit Authority of SE Michigan.

Other upcoming transit events:

DDOT Public Hearing Follow-up meeting regarding service changes

When: Tuesday, August 25, 2015, 10-11am
Where: DDOT Administration Building, 1301 E. Warren Ave, Detroit

RTA Citizens’ Advisory Council Meeting

When: Monday, August 24, 2015,  4:30- 6:30pm
Where: RTA Offices, 1001 Woodward Ave, Suite 1400, Detroit

M-1 Rail September Community Advisory Council Meeting

When: Thursday, September 10, 20156 – 7pm
Where: MSU Detroit Center – 3408 Woodward Ave, Detroit


The Detroit People’s Platform Transit Justice Team

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Public Transit Meeting – May 12th, 5:30 in the North End

TransitMeetingtransitmeetingUpcoming public transit meeting!

Learn more about DDOT’s issues and how you can help improve bus service for Detroiters.

May 12, 2015
5:30 – 7:30pm
7700 Second Ave. 48202

A light meal will be served.

Hosted by Detroit People’s Platform and the North End Woodward Community Coalition.

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Transit Newsletter & EARNED PAID SICK DAYS


We have compiled this newsletter to provide you with the latest updates in local transit. Included is a timeline of recent transit history and a breakdown of Proposal One, a bill that among many changes will raise additional funds for public transit.

-We at the People’s Platform, in partnership with North End Woodward Community Coalition (NEWCC) seek a just transportation system that is respectful of and accessible to all transit riders; our current system does not reflect this commitment.

– Public transit is crucial piece of the public commons; it is a public good, paid for with public dollars. The benefits of transit investments must be broadly shared by the public.

-Since 2010, 30% of DDOT’s services have been cut. These cuts are hurting Detroit households and result in job loss and lack of access to medical facilities and schools. These cuts further isolate many Detroit neighborhoods, thus creating two Detroits.

-It is our duty to advocate for a just system and hold our leaders acountable to providing fair, accessible, and afford- able transit options for all Detroiters.

Are you are passionate about improving our public bus system, organizing your community in demanding accountability and changes, or just simply passionate about public transit and the wide benefits it provides?

We at Detroit People’s Platform, in partnership with NEWCC,
NEED YOU and YOUR VOICE! We need all community voices involved, as there are many changes heading our way. Keep Detroit in the conversation!


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Transit Truth – Saturday, Dec 14th, 11:30am – 2:30pm, MSU Detroit Center


The Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion is pleased to present the first of three public events that focus on Transit, Criminal Justice and Housing.

Every bus rider as a story

Transit Truth
To bring about or develop a high performing and accessible transit future for our city and region we must recognize both the history and the reality of transit in Detroit.

We are issuing a call to those who care about this transit future to join us as we share our Transit Truths. The event will feature testimony from a variety of perspectives including bus riders, transit advocates, and policy makers.

Our goal is to share and listen to ideas and possibilities that promote a just and equitable transit system for all. By telling our stories and listening we grow our power and will influence our transit future.

Please join with us Saturday December 14th from 11:30 am until 2:30 pm at the MSU Detroit Center, 3408 Woodward, just south of MLK/Mack.  A light lunch will be provided.

Presented by
The Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion

Supported by
Detroit People’s Platform

MOSES – Metropolitain Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength

NEWCC – North End Woodward Community Coalition

Uprooting Racism Planting Justice

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Call to Action – Today Oct 21 and Wed Oct 23

October 21 Announcements and Calls for Action

Events today requests your immediate attention. Please make a commitment to call or email council and demand they reject Emergency Manager Order #17, details below, and to join in the mass action at the federal courthouse this Wed Oct 23rd.


Call/Email City Council, Attend 2p Council Meeting TODAY!
Demand Council Reject Emergency Manager Order #17!

City Council is meeting on this issue Monday, October 21 at 2pm at the CAYMC.
There are press conferences scheduled for 11am (Michigan Forward) and 1pm (Moratorium Now!) outside of the Spirit of Detroit (see below)

$350 million Emergency Manager ORDER puts Banks before People
Monday Detroit City Council is meeting to accept or reject and counter the proposed $350 million Debtor in Possession (DIP) deal with Barclays Capital put forth by Emergency Manager Order #17

Summary of EmergencyManager Order No. 17
The ORDER is 18 pages of state-of-the-art municipal finance legalese that documents 3 transactions.
Dependent upon the Bankruptcy Courts approval:
1) The big British finance bank Barclays will loan Detroit $350 million
2) Detroit will immediately pay the even bigger (Jones Day client) Bank of America/Merrill Lynch and the other Wall Street ‘counterparties’ on interest rate ‘swaps’ to the tune of $250 million; and
3) Barclays will then move to the head of the bankruptcy line, with a “senior secured superpriority Chapter 9 debtor financing” … “Quality of Life Note” secured by a first-priority lien on every asset Detroit (i.e., Jones Day) sells that is worth more than $10 million.In other words, the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department, and any other asset they can sell at that level.

Call, Email or Attend Monday to Urge council members to reject the deal for the following reasons:

1. This agreement would set a dangerous precedent.

Essentially allowing wealthy big banks to jump to the front of the creditors line while retired seniors are facing drastic cuts in the retirement income they depend on.

2. Wall Street’s Swaps have already cost the city unnecessary millions.

This deal is giveaway to the same banks that helped get Detroit into this mess in the first place.

3. This is a clear effort to help the banks get around bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes’ August 2013 ruling on secured debt.

When the bankruptcy judge recently ruled that these banks had wait in line just like the rest of the people in Detroit, the bankers worked out a special deal with Kevyn Orr.

4. This deal puts Detroit in a very vulnerable position, with terms that leave Barclays far too much control and power.

If the city ceases to be under the control of an emergency manager for 30 days, for example, it would be considered a default unless Barclays determines that a transition advisory board or consent agreement ensure continued financial responsibility.

5. Elected officials are morally, ethically and legally responsible for protecting the rights and needs of the residents of Detroit.

It’s time to stand up for the people of Detroit against bullying banks. We should be negotiating with the banks to release Detroit from the bad swap deals without termination fees, not taking out expensive loans to pay them off.


Call/email City Council
Council President Saunteel Jenkins, (313) 224-4248 (office), E-mail:
Council President Pro Tem André L. Spivey
, (313) 224-4841 (office), E-mail:
Council Member Kenneth V. Cockrel, Jr, (313) 224-4505 (office), E-mail:
Council Member Brenda Jones, (313) 224-1245 (office)
, E-mail:
Council Member James Tate, (313) 224-1027 (office), E-mail:
Council Member JoAnn Watson, (313) 224-4535 (office),  E-mail:

2. 10AM Rally – ATU Bus Drivers – possible “sick-day” today.
10 am Rally at Coleman A. Young Municipal Center called by bus driver’s Amalgamated Transportation Union Local 26 also a threat of sick-day mass call in today.
Concerns bus drivers could participate in a “Sick-Out” on Monday

DETROIT (WXYZ) – The union that represents Detroit Department of Transportation [DDOT] drivers says they will hold a news conference on Monday morning. The union wants to make the public aware of the concerns they have for the personal security of their drivers, especially in the overnight hours.There are also concerns the drivers could participate in a “Sick-Out” on Monday. This could cause some major transportation issues for riders. DDOT advises riders to have an alternative form of transportation on Monday.

Read more:

3. Wed 10.23 Bankruptcy Eligibility Mass Action
One Wed October 23rd A federal judge will decide on whether or not city of Detroit retirees, who served their city for years, will have to take cuts or eliminate pensions that average only $19,000 a year. Demonstrate at the Eligibility Hearing on Snyder & Orr’s Bankruptcy Filing for the City of Detroit. Weds., Oct. 23, 2013, 8:00 a.m. Federal Courthouse 231 W. Lafayette, Detroit. 

It is time to take a stand! Come out and make your voice heard. Demand:

  • Cancel the debt payments to the BANKS which have destroyed our communities – Make the banks pay for the rebuilding of Detroit!
  • Stop all attacks on City workers’ pensions, benefits and union contracts
  • Stop the privatization of City jobs, services and assets
  • Restore federal grant funds to serve Detroiters – under control of City workers, not private corporations
  • Stop the $62 million looting of Detroit by Jones Day and other Wall Street consultants
  • End unconstitutional, anti-democratic, racist Emergency Management

Wednesday is the first day of the Eligibility Hearing on Snyder & Orr’s Bankruptcy Filing for the City of Detroit. Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management, Michigan Forward, many Unions, National Action Network, The Boggs Center, Moratorium NOW Coalition and many other groups are moving together to STAND UP for DEMOCRACY on October 23 at the federal courthouse.


Detroit Bankruptcy?
Emergency Management?
Unfair and Unequal Development?



– DPS have been under Emergency Management since 2009. The State-created separate and unequal EAA is funded by $ that are supposed to go to our children.
2. OUR LAND – DETROIT IS BUILT ON STOLEN LAND – A small group of individuals and institutions are grabbing land with private plans for development (new arenas, streetcars) supported with public funds that benefit a few and not ALL Detroiters.

3. OUR HOUSES and PENSIONS – The foreclosure crisis caused tens of thousands to loose their homes. Now the same banks that benefited from the bailout are benefiting from bankruptcy while Detroiters pensions are threatened.
4. OUR RESOURCES – The lease of Belle Isle, the battle over Detroit’s Water and Sewerage Dept. and the shift of public resources and assets, our commons, to private ownership.

5. OUR DEMOCRACY – EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT is ILLEGITIMATE and is being used along with other legislation, like Right to Work, to eliminate our rights and make money off the restructuring of Detroit.


1. LEARN THE FACTS – Major media is broken. Research, ask questions, Ask for others opinion.
– Network, build relationships. Things are happening quickly and the media is broken.
– The media is broken. Speak your mind into the public record and at the grocery store
4. VOTE ON NOV. 5th
– If we don’t vote, the candidates that support the State’s agenda will win.