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  4. Too many cooks
    These two better settle their score now before everything ends up burnt!
  5. Couple in movie theater
    This has to be the happiest couple on planet Earth!
  6. Couple has the best seat in the house
    These two sure know how to enjoy a movie!
  7. Relaxing while reading the newspaper
    Nothing makes him more happy than reading a newspaper underneath a tree.
  8. Old guy reads the newspaper on a beautiful sunny day
    Nothing relaxes him like reading does.
  9. Even doctors like chocolate
    Nothing is more relaxing than eating chocalate!
  10. The future of kitty cats
    This is what the future holds for kitty cats.
  11. Kitty Futurology
    This is the future of kitty cats.
  12. He likes to be their first customer in the morning
    Expect to see him when the restaurant opens every day.
  13. Doctor enjoying chocolate
    Doctor bite right into a chococlate bar.
  14. Very cute kitty
    Isn't that a cute kitty?!
  15. guy waiting at door
    He's just waiting patiently for the place to open up.