In order to inspire our neighbors and neighborhoods to speak with one united voice about the future of this city we love, we are committed to lifting up the following issues:


LANDLand Justice: We need decisions about land use to respect current residents and our natural resources. Land use policy should seek to prioritize resident’s needs and wants and treat land as the binding around our collective history and the foundation of our community.



FOODFood Justice: We seek a food system that ensures access to healthy, quality food for all Detroiters. We believe in the importance of creating our own food networks to support the health and power of our community and our natural environment.



TRANSITTransit Justice: We seek a just transportation system that is respectful of and accessible to all transit users. The system should honor current DDOT users’ needs as much as it seeks to accommodate future riders.




GOODJOBSGood Jobs: We seek investments by the public and private sectors that create quality jobs for Detroiters, not just low-wage jobs that relegate more and more Detroiters to poverty or devote the best jobs to new residents.



GOVERNANCEGood Governance: We are committed to working in good faith with public officials who will represent the will of our communities and understand that “inclusive” means valuing our participation as being key to shaping our collective future.



Update: At our annual meeting on June 9th 2014, delegates to the People’s Platform adopted a sixth issue area to include poverty and inequality with a focus on the water shutoffs occurring across the city of Detroit. We are particularly concerned about the impact of household water shutoffs on the most vulnerable of our community members – the elderly and minor children.