Good Jobs

GOODJOBS“We seek investments by the public and private sectors that create quality jobs for Detroiters, not just low-wage jobs that relegate more and more Detroiters to poverty or devote the best jobs to new residents.”

Detroit is suffering from unemployment rates worse than the Great Depression, coupled with a lack of job opportunities. There are abandoned and foreclosed homes at a level we have never seen before. Our educational system is in a crisis, leaving our children unprepared to compete for what jobs there are. The rising crime rate has made our neighborhoods unsafe and has caused a dramatic drop in population as people seek safer communities.

Good Jobs Resources and Tools:
These documents helped to inform the development of the People’s Platform or were presented as part of the People’s Platform and Convention that was held June 1 at Marygrove College. Please download these resources and tools, print and share with your neighbors. THANK YOU!

LINK: Good Jobs Now is a broad coalition of community groups, faith leaders, concerned citizens and the labor sector that is committed to solving the  issues facing our neighborhoods and holding decision makers and elected officials accountable for creating jobs and finding solutions to these problems…NOW!