GOVERNANCE“We are committed to working in good faith with public officials who will represent the will of our communities and understand that “inclusive” means valuing our participation as being key to shaping our collective future.”


Thomas Stephens presenting on Governance in the morning sessions at the People’s Platform and Convention

Restructuring the political, social, and economic life of Detroit, a city which, in spite of its vibrant culture and political life, has long been plagued by ills associated with mass poverty, official corruption, physical blight, and bitter racial conflict, would arguably be a good thing.  But by whom and in whose interests?  How?  With what consequences for Detroit’s People, especially the most vulnerable victims of poverty and racism?

Governance Resources and Tools:
These documents helped to inform the development of the People’s Platform or were presented as part of the People’s Platform and Convention that was held June 1 at Marygrove College. Please download these resources and tools, print and share with your neighbors. THANK YOU!