The People’s Movie

The People’s Movie, Detroit by Detroiters is a documentary and community resource that features the voices of residents, activists, and organization staff involved in progressive social justice work in Detroit.  The documentary aims to highlight Detroiters’ visions for the future of the city, perspectives on the contemporary political moment and governance in Detroit, and opportunities for supporting each others work.  It is based on the videotaped interviews that we’ve been conducting over the last two years. We want the documentary to provoke discussion in community convenings about strategies and tactics to build grassroots power, deepen democracy, and foster good governance.  The documentary will be made available for community members for use, workshop, study, etc. in other forums.  The documentary is envisioned primarily for local use and as a community-organizing tool for Detroiters.  Our goal is for the documentary to be a resource in the libraries of local organizations and institutions.