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Detroit People’s Platform Action Alert – WATER

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Detroit People’s Platform Action Alert – WATER
In response to the crisis of mass water shutoffs in the city of Detroit, the People’s Platform took the following actions:

People’s Platform sent a letter to the Detroit City Health Officer demanding a moratorium on the water shutoffs and an assessment on how shutoffs are impacting the physical and mental health of Detroiters living without water.  There has been no response.

Secondly, People’s Platform filed a petition with the city clerk calling for City Council to convene a public hearing on the water shut offs.  City Council has not responded.

The People’s Platform is issuing the following call to action:
Members and supporters of the Detroit People’s Platform are encouraged to attend the City Council Health and Welfare Committee meeting on Tuesday, July 29th at 10 am at the Coleman A Young Municipal Center and support the work of the broad-based coalitions.

Prepare public comments for the meeting that call for accountability on the part of our elected and appointed officials for the health and welfare of Detroiters by demanding that council support the following:

    •    Call for immediate restoration of water to the thousands of Detroiters who are without water service
    •    Beyond the 15 day moratorium call for the end to water shut offs for all Detroit residents
    •    Call for the Public Health Officer to assess the impact of mass shut offs on the health and mental health status of those impacted by the shut offs
    •    Support the water affordability plan  
    •    Stop the privatization of Detroit Water and Sewage Department

Please plan to arrive early so that you can get on line and have your say. Let them know you are with the People’s Platform. We need as many Platform members and allies there as possible to stand with our coalition partners and fellow residents.

We hope to see you there!

For more information on the water crisis:
Detroit People’s Water Board Coalition


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