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Proposed Capital Budget and Impact on DDOT

Proposed Capital Budget and Impact on DDOT
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This past February, the city council held hearings for the Capital Agenda – a multi-year plan that sets budget standards for purchasing equipment, maintenance of city property, including recreation centers, Rosa Parks Transit Center, warehouses, maintenance facilities like the Shoemaker Terminal, and other facilities the city maintains.

The bulk of capital funding recommended and forecasted through 2018 and some years after will focus on vehicle replacement, purchasing of more buses, and mid-life vehicle overhaul. Other investments include security, technology upgrades, and equipment.

This means the city will focus on upgrading and purchasing of more buses that include both standard and the longer 60ft articulated buses. However, this also means that we will continue to deal with bus stops without seating and shelter outside of busy areas where passengers use transfers and main streets.

On February 24th, Dan Dirks, Director of the Detroit Department of Transportation, submitted the DDOT budget request for the upcoming budget year in the budget hearings for city council. The total proposed budget for DDOT through 2018 is $133 million. According to the Four Year Financial Plan (Plan of Adjustment) that lasts through fiscal year 2019, the Department of Transportation budget breaks down into four major areas –  department administration, plant maintenance, vehicle maintenance, and transportation. The budget plan defines vehicle maintenance of “providing clean, safe, and reliable coaches and support vehicles for daily use”, this is the city’s spending on the buses. Transportation is responsible for the day to day bus operation for passengers in the DDOT service area.

The proposed budget plan for DDOT vehicle maintenance and transportation for 2017-2019 is as follows

Vehicle Maintenance:
2017 – 2018: $29.1 million
2018-  2019: $27.9 million

(Vehicle operation and ADA Transportation Service):
2017 – 2018: $48,723,113
2018 – 2019: $47,898,385

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