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We must organize for REAL COMMUNITY BENEFITS NOW more than ever!

We must organize for REAL COMMUNITY BENEFITS NOW more than ever!
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April 2017, Detroit – The City’s new Community Benefits process for development is being rolled out. The process isn’t inclusive, isn’t legally binding and is not what Detroiters deserve. Proposal B was bad last year at the polls and now we’re seeing that it is even worse at play in our communities.

  • Invitations and outreach about meetings have been haphazard and with short notice resulting in confusion for residents and poor representation.
  • Rather than encouraging participation from census tracts, the initial roll-out, in some cases has limited stakeholder status to an “impact area”  of 300 radial feet around the project.
  • Meeting facilitators have disrespected community members by over-managing the process and silencing critical community voice.
  • Any resistance to the process or project is considered disruptive rather than advocacy for real community engagement, equitable development and for those who will experience the impact of these developments the most.

Across the city, Detroiters are stepping up, asking questions, putting elected officials on notice, interrupting the process and making rational demands on many public-funded projects being introduced.

Detroiters Deserve and Demand:

  • More meaningful interaction with everyday people in the community.
  • Meeting organizers must make a real effort to include everyone  who will experience the impact of the project without discrimination or favoritism.
  • More than one meeting is required for real community engagement.
  • Developers must respect the people in the communities they move into, the people whose money they are taking and whose lives will be changed by the project.
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