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Call Council, Delay Pistons’ Deal

Call Council, Delay Pistons’ Deal
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Detroit City Council will host a meeting on the Detroit Piston’s Practice facility on Tuesday, June 6th, 10am. We believe they may vote on the deal.

We deserve more!
In other deals like this around the country developers have given much more than Detroiters are getting. The 750,000-square-foot Kingsbridge National Ice Center in the Bronx is an example. The developer’s pledge to set aside $1 million annually for 99 years to pay for free ice time for local kids, 50,000 square feet of “community space,” green construction, and a promise to pay the facility’s estimated 260 permanent workers at least $10 an hour. More:

They said they didn’t have to do a CBA, and they didn’t
With the way this project was broken up into different deals it did not reach the dollar amount to invoke the Community Benefits Ordinance. All together the projects total $85 million, making it a Community Benefit Ordinance qualifying project. City officials and project representatives consistently reminded the community that they didn’t have to do any engagement but were using this out of a desire to be inclusive. Instead of actually engaging in a Community Benefits Agreement or negotiation with community members, the process was extremely flawed and

The Community Benefits promised are meaningless.

  • There are no new jobs created for Detroiters, post-construction.
  • This is one of the worst agreements negotiated ever and it isn’t even a legally binding agreement.
  • All we are getting are tickets, basketball courts and a $50K scholarship between Flint and Detroit.
  • 50K won’t even cover the cost of 2 years at a public university for one student.

The Detroit Pistons are worth $900 Million. (Forbes Feb. 2017)
Detroit has a long history of not getting a fair shake from it’s professional sports teams.
The Piston’s organization left for the suburbs when Detroit needed them the most.
After all of the resources and revenue that was lost over the organizations abandonment of its namesake we need to demand a better deal.

This is a telephone only campaign
While we encourage people to attend City Council and Mayoral meetings, Detroit People’s Platform has decided to stop asking members and supporters to take on the many risk and costs involved in going Downtown these days. Due to this, this is a telephone only campaign. We are requesting support in getting 100 calls into every Council Member by Tuesday.

Contact Council Member Sheffield and Council President Jones.
“This is a bad deal, delay the vote until a better deal for the community is negotiated.”

Brenda Jones, Council President, At Large
313.224.1245 – – @DetCouncilPres

Mary Sheffield, District 5 Council Member
313.224.4505 – – @MsMarySheffield

“Sheffield said… she’s planning to vote in favor of the project after receiving clarifications.” from

We are asking for 100 calls to Jones and Sheffield before tomorrow’s council meeting!


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