Detroit’s current CBA Ordinance must be amended

Detroit’s current CBA Ordinance must be amended
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A year of So-called “Community Benefits”

It’s been more than a year since Detroiters went to the polls and voted for Community Benefits. It’s now  possible to amend the current ordinance so that it becomes the powerful tool Detroiters originally created in  Proposal A.

To date, in meetings with developers the Neighborhood Advisory Councils (NACs) are routinely denied the benefits requested for their communities. Three typical request from NACs not met by developers are for more time, greater transparency and more meaningful benefits.

“We are outraged and appalled by the City’s CBO Report. We spent a great deal of time working on our requests, speaking with neighbors, and doing research – not knowing that the entire development plan was already decided.” – NAC Member

The current CBA Ordinance has failed. Detroiters, for the most part are still being left out of the city’s revitalization.  As development expands and targets more Detroit Neighborhoods we need strong commitments to racial equity, which have been missing in revitalization efforts. We need guarantees that money coming in doesn’t mean we will be pushed out.

[bctt tweet=”There has been a total of $832 million in public funds and resources given away since the CBA Ordinance was enacted in 2016. We need to amend the current CBA Ordinance! #Detroit #AmendtheCBA”]

Detroit’s current CBA Ordinance must be amended:

  • Lower the $$$ threshold for project participation
  • Give community more voice in the development process
  • Include a conflict of interest clause
  • Result in legally binding agreements
  • Monitor and enforce clawbacks when developers fail to do what they say.

The transfer of public funds and resources from a majority-black city to white billionaires’ private economic projects is an example of Wealth Stripping. This extraction of public funds and resources without representation must stop. Join the movement to amend the CBA Ordinance.

Visit to read the full Recommendations for Amendments and more about how a strong amended CBA Ordinance  can be a tool to protect, maintain and empower majority-black Detroit.

Download, Print and Share Equitable Detroit Coalitions Recommendations for Amendments:


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