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Detroit Bus Riders want fare justice, not fare increases!

Detroit Bus Riders want fare justice, not fare increases!
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May 1, 2019
For Immediate Release

Detroit People’s Platform fights for a low-income fare policy for public transportation.
Detroit Bus Riders want fare justice, not fare increases!

The Detroit People’s Platform (DPP) is organizing bus riders to insist that the Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) create a comprehensive reduced fare policy. DPP says that current reduced fare policy does not adequately serve all those who need it, especially those who use public transit as their sole or main means of transportation. DPP is advocating for veterans, individuals who are homeless, returning citizens, individuals who are unemployed and individuals who have low incomes to be added to the list of those eligible for reduced fare rates. 

Public transit systems connect individuals to essentials such as work, schools, and health care. It is vital that all members of the community can access affordable and quality public transit. Limited transportation access can exasperate other economic, health, and education difficulties. With the prevalence of water-shutoffs, tax foreclosures, and housing cost-burdened families in the city of Detroit, individuals and families cannot afford to pay more to access the things they need. 

As organizers, DPP is committed to raising the voice of Detroit residents and promoting democratic participation in decision-making. DPP says that “Detroit bus riders want fare justice, not fare increases” and that DDOT needs to work with bus riders to create a low-income fare policy.       

DPP’s Transit Justice Team believes public transportation is a civil rights issue and organizes bus riders to fight for reliable, affordable, and quality public transit in a majority black-city. DPP fights for quality and affordable housing, transit justice, and equitable community benefits agreements for major economic development projects.

DPP is encouraging Detroiters to contact city council members and tell them that bus riders deserve affordable access to transit with a low-income fare policy. More information is available on DPP’s website and the Transit Justice Team is available by phone at (313) 338-9396.   

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Renard Monczunski
(313) 338-9396

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