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Detroit City Council FCA Giveaway

Detroit City Council FCA Giveaway
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Today, Tuesday May 21st, Detroit City Council approved land transfers and a benefits package for the planned Fiat Chrysler plant expansion project.

We want to acknowledge Council Member Raquel Castaneda-Lopez, Pro Temp Mary Sheffield and Detroit Council Pres. Brenda Jones for voting against aspects of the FCA deal that were unethical and failed to engage community.

The project anticipates approval for additional incentives from the state later today by the Michigan Strategic Fund.

Today, Detroit People’s Platform launched a new campaign asking Detroiters to call Fiat Chrysler’s international ethics hotline and file a complaint about the project.

We encourage FCA to enter into a better agreement with residents of the impact area around the project and to address the many needs expressed by residents during the engagement process.


Fiat Chrysler (FCA) is expanding in Detroit and they are failing to act in good faith. FCA earned $4.1 billion in 2018. They have only committed $8.8 million in community benefits on a project that will use up to $280 million in public investment. The project will also offset emissions increases in Detroit and reduce them in a suburban plant.

This is Environmental Racism & Public Wealth Stripping in the nation’s largest Majority Black City

Take 5 minutes today! Call FCA’s toll-free international ethics line, 800-543-1391. PRESS #1 to file a new complaint. Tell them it’s about the FCA Jefferson North Plant, Detroit Michigan. use the “conducting business” category.

Tell them we need a bigger and better CBA and to create a robust environmental plan with impacted residents!

Fiat Chrysler is a global corporation that earned $4.1 billion in 2018. They have only committed $8.8 million dollars in community benefits on projects that will use up to $280 million in public investment. This is economic injustice. 

Fiat Chrysler is reducing emissions at a suburban plant, for this project that will increase emissions in the nation’s largest majority black city, in neighborhoods with high poverty and asthma rates. This is textbook environmental racism.

We call on Fiat Chrysler to be a better corporate citizen and to act in a socially responsible way to Detroiters. Tax payers have historically invested in FCA, through multiple bailouts, one in which citizen lost $1.3 billion and now it is time for FCA to invest in the residents of Detroit.

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