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Fiat Chrysler CBA Update

Fiat Chrysler CBA Update
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Yesterday, May 7th, 2019, Residents from the Impact Area, two NAC members and Detroit People’s Platform and Equitable Detroit Coalition representatives attended Detroit City Council. Public comments were made demanding Council Members vote “No” on on the Fiat Chrysler Community Benefits Package and for a new CBA. The two Neighborhood Advisory Council members who were voted in by the community also made public comment demanding that Council Members vote “No” and renegotiate the benefits package. 

NAC Member Public Comment

Michelle Jackson Public Comment Video:

This statement from NAC member Rhonda Theuss was read into the public record:

“My name is Rhonda Theus and I was voted as a member of the FCA Expansion NAC by the community.

The FCA NAC was put in an extremely difficult situation under impossible time constraints.  In addition, we were not provided critical information by the City of Detroit and FCA with regard to the full amount of tax and land benefits which would have a direct impact on the community benefits.

There were changes made to what the NAC agreed to on Wednesday and what was presented for signature on Thursday.

The community deserves better than this. I am asking that the Detroit City Council not sign the current agreement and allow the FCA NAC to renegotiate better benefits for the community.”

The Issues

Last Friday, May 3, the city disclosed the details of the Fiat Chrysler deal. The city revealed that an additional $43.5 million of public money would be spent to assemble the land Fiat Chrysler needs for the deal. This includes allowing Moroun to purchase 117 acres of land in Southwest Detroit. 

This is NOT what the Neighborhood Advisory Council agreed to. In support of what is best for the community we need council to stop thisland transfer for Fiat Chrysler and address resident concerns. 

Today’s Call to Action:

Please call Council Members Tate, Benson, and Leland, who are on the Planning and Economic Development Committee and tell them you don’t agree with accepting this CBA as it is and that residents need a voice in the transfer of land around the deal. 

Tell them to vote NO on the land transfers and the benefits package. The residents of Southwest Detroit were not engaged around this deal and the city added additional public money AFTER the initial agreement between the NAC on the Lower East Side and Fiat Chrysler. 

Before going to Planning and Economic Development the land transfers will be voted on by EDC at 8:30 am tmrw morning. 

Economic Development Corporation
Board of Directors Special Meeting 
Thursday May 9, 2019 8:30 am
DEGC, 500 Griswold, Suite 2200, Detroit 48226 

It will then move to the Planning and Economic Development Committee at 10am on the 13th floor of CAYMC.

Public Comment can be given at both meetings. 

James Tate, District 1
313-224-1027 – @CouncilmanTate

Scott Benson, District 3
313-224-1198 – @Scottinthe3rd

Gabe Leland, District 7
313-224-2151 – @GabeLeland

Plan to take Action again this week and next!

We anticipate the final vote on the Community Benefits Package and the final land transfers to take place next Tuesday, May 14th at the 10am Detroit City Council Committee of the Whole meeting.

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