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Fiat Chrysler, Just Buy the Land and Do the Right Thing by Detroiters

Fiat Chrysler, Just Buy the Land and Do the Right Thing by Detroiters
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On Thursday, May 16, 2019, the benefits package and land transfers were moved through the Planning and Economic Development Standing Committee. There are still many questions that city council members and community need answers to. We anticipate the benefit package and land transfers will be voted on by the full council tomorrow, Tuesday, May 21, 2019.

  • Council Members have openly stated FCA needs to bring more money and benefits to the table, we all agree. Pay your way!
  • Put funds in public libraries and recreation center upgrades and renovations in the impacted are.
  • FCA should buy the land and not demand valuable land and resources from taxpayers. A solution would be for FCA to purchase the land needed for the plant expansion rather than demand the city of Detroit spend millions of dollars to purchase land and GIVE the land to this multi billion dollar corporation. Just buy the Land!
  • Not just Planning Rather than put money into actual construction and renovations, the package only puts money toward planning. FCA needs to put more money into our public Libraries and Recreation Centers.
  • There are still questions about how the Environment Great Lakes Energy (EGLE) permit requirements for additional monitoring and community benefits will be reflected in the deal. FCA have 180 days to work with residents and come up with a plan. We have recommended an Environmental Amendment to the FCA CBA. Residents must be included in the planning of the ELGE permitting requirements.

DPP and Equitable Detroit Coalition thank all Detroiters who care about this issue and for reaching out and making hundreds of calls to elected officials and making the demand for a stronger Community Benefit Agreement.  We also want to acknowledge the support of dedicated volunteers and canvassers who have outreached to more than 5k residents in FCA impact area. Thank you.

Take Action:  Continue to educate your family and friends about how unjust and how unfair this deal is for Detroiters, The benefits package and land transfers for the deal will be voted on by the full council on Tuesday, May 21 2019 at CAYMC on the 13th floor. Please continue to call council members.

A note on Tuesday’s “Committee of the Whole” meeting:
While DPP encourages participation in public comments and value the power of speaking into the public record, next Tuesday’s meeting will most likely be the crowning finale of this episode of political theater.

Let’s make a final call for city council to delay the vote until there is a bigger and better deal for Detroiters. 

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